Rat Issue? Find Out if Springfield or County Animal Services Will Help

You are in a situation where you just found out that your Springfield house has been infested by rats. Your emotions will range from panic, fear, and stress. While thinking about the best way to address the situation, you might proceed to call animal control or perhaps, that is why you are reading this article. It could be that you already called them and they were not helpful. This article will discuss:

  • Will Missouri animal services help out?
  • What will they tell you?
  • What your options are

  • Will Animal Services Help Out?

    No. If you should call city or county animal services and tell them that you just noticed you have been infested by Missouri rats, they will not come to your house to help you exterminate, eliminate or relocate the rats. You might be wondering what they will tell you.

    What will City or County Animal Services Tell You?

    They will tell you that they don' t handle those types of situations. They will inform you that rats are not considered as dangerous or wild animals. Hence, it is your responsibility to protect yourself from rats and when infested, to get rid of them. The best help you will get from them is that they will tell you how you can go about exterminating the rats on your own. You might also be asked to contact pest control.

    What Are Your Options in Eliminating Rats?

    Your options will include:

  • Exterminating the rats on your own
  • Calling pest control

  • Exterminating the Springfield Rats on Your Own

    Exterminating the rats on your own will require using traps to kill or relocate them. You will also need to clean and disinfect the Missouri house.

    Calling Pest Control

    Pest control has the tools and knowledge to exterminate Springfield rats and clean up their traces from your house.

    Visit our Springfield wildlife control home page to learn more about us.