Springfield Raccoons Envading YOUR Chicken Coop? Get Him to Fly the Coop Now!

Raccoons are omnivorous, but they can east nuts, fruits as well as chicken coops. Just one Missouri raccoon can be enough for devastating the whole flock of chickens in a small period of time.

Here are some precautions which can help in protecting the coops from raccoons and other animals:

Never leave the Springfield chicken coop open

Secure the Missouri chicken coops using a strong latch because raccoons are able to reach out and push hard with their paws. Keep windows and doors opening with secured locks during night and evening hours because raccoons are nocturnal.
Always use small fence for coops

Raccoons are not known for accessing via large meshes of wires or fences. You can bury the galvanized hardware cloths or welded wire in fences around area of chicken if you worried about the animals that can dig into the surface.

Secure the chicks with proper lighting

You must provide proper night lights to your flock as the darkness comes. It will aid the Springfield raccoons to make them go away from the chicken coops. Also you can make the danger zone for these predators around your coops or chicken yard.

Train your chicks for doing their safety

You can also train your Missouri chicken flock for carrying out some safety precautions. Birds must be trained for returning back to their home every evening. After you train the coops for returning back to the shelter as the darkness sets for laying eggs under roof, all it is needed is to only look them as they get settle down within their coop.

Protect the flock by hiding the alluring material

In order to protect your flock, stop providing them the alluring buffets. For example, never leave the cat food near the yard or in coop, also don' t put water source in the yard during Springfield summer days because it can attract raccoons.

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