Odor in Your Springfield Attic? How to Clean Out Animal Feces Now!

It is not that uncommon that the wildlife creatures will take shelter in our Springfield attic. It is warm, comfortable and it has no signs of predators. Furthermore, you rarely visit this section of your house that minimizes the human activity. Wildlife infestation can lead to numerous issues. Aside from the structural damage they cause, the droppings they will leave behind will create that irritating scent. In addition, the droppings of the wildlife creature can be source of various zoonotic diseases.

Eliminate the Scent of the Wildlife Infestation

Removing the source of the odor will not be that easy. Most of the time, they are found in the crawl space of our Missouri home. There are places that are just inaccessible. There are instances when you will have to cut through the ceilings in order to clean those feces. You will need to prepare the right equipment to remove those droppings and a strong cleaning solution that will deodorize and disinfect the place.

Assessing the Situation

The decontamination procedure will start from assessing the severity of your situation. This will help you understand if you have the capacity to deal with it on your own or seek the help of the professionals. You can also determine the type of equipment that you need to prepare to completely clean your attic. When you are gauging the level of your problems, you should wear protective gears such as masks, gloves and goggles. Prepare stairs for the hard-to-reach areas. You should also have a flashlight to use for the dark places in your attic.

Cleaning the Droppings

After you assess your situation and prepare the necessary Springfield cleaning material, you are now ready to clean the accumulated droppings. Start by removing all the debris and nesting materials. Be sure that you are still wearing your protective gears. Place them inside the trash bags. Use a vacuum to clean the remaining debris and the droppings. For the dried excrements that are attached on the surface, you will need to use a scraper to remove it. Once that is done, the decontamination procedure may now commence.


There are various products to choose from in the market that aims to decontaminate. You should look for a Missouri product that does not only encapsulate the odor but something that can also consume the organic matter that releases the gasses. This is after all, the major source of the odor. In case you noticed, the suffocating scent will linger for a few days even if you successfully eliminated the decaying matter. This is due to the fungi and microorganisms that are releasing gasses. Decontaminating your attic will not only eliminate the odor, it can also destroy the germs that can cause diseases. This will make your home a safe place to live.

If you find the process too complex, the wildlife removal agency will provide additional Springfield services that aim to decontaminate your attic. This will help you ensure that the scent has been completely eradicated. You can guarantee that the scent will not attract the attention of other wildlife creatures.

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